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Alessandro Haenni, born in 2006 in Switzerland and currently residing in Italy, is  a DJ and aspiring producer in the electronic music scene. 


Alessandro's love for electronic music was influenced by his father's own passion for the genre. However, it wasn't until March of 2020 that his true potential was realized. During a vacation, Alessandro had the opportunity to mix with the renowned Swiss DJ Mastra.

Following this revelation, Alessandro immersed himself in tutorials and practice sessions, refining his mixing skills and exploring a diverse range of underground genres.

Alessandro's journey as a DJ has taken him to various venues and events. He kickstarted his career with an unforgettable gig at a small open-air party in the Swiss Alps. He has since then captivated audiences in Switzerland and had the opportunity to play for Pass Event. Alessandro has also a residency at PinetaClub in Milano Marittima and plays every year in Coral Beach Club in Croatia.

Driven by a desire to push his musical boundaries, Alessandro is now focusing on production. With a determination to take his music to the next level, he is dedicated to creating original tracks that reflect his style and artistic vision.


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